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Polycarbonate Monolithic

Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

​Macrolux® Solid compact sheets are the ideal solution in fields of application where impact resistance and excellent light transmission are essential: glazing, parapets, canopies, skylights, curved roofing systems, signage in general, neon signs, road signs, noise barriers.


Solid sheets come in thicknesses ranging from 2 mm to 20 mm, in a choice of translucent and opaque colors.


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Polycarbonate Multi-wall Sheet

Macrolux Multiwall Polycarbonate is a high performance roofing sheet which has been designed for industrial, commercial , architectural, residential, greenhouse and other applications where insulated glazing is required.

It offers a 15 year limited warranty against loss of light transmission according to ASTM D-1003 and against yellowing according to ASTM D-1925, thanks to the co – extruded UV layer fused to the PC sheet.


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Polycarbonate Corrugated

Polycarbonate Corrugated Panels

​Macrolux Rooflite are high performance products designed to transmit natural light into lightweight coverings. Ideal for residential, industrial and greenhouse applications. Lightweight sheets with high resistance to weathering and hail impacts.


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